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Sciaire Portable Air Purifier with Plasmashield Technology

Sciaire Portable Air Purifier with Plasmashield Technology

Sciaire Portable Air Purifier with Plasmashield Technology – An air purifier is an electronic appliance, used in homes and businesses, to increase and improve overall indoor air quality. Air purifiers draw in the air from a given space (kitchen, bedroom, family room) through an intake in the unit. The air passes through the filter system, it is cleaned and released back into the room as clean, purified air.

Working from home full time, any devices to improve my working conditions is a bonus and the DH Lifelabs Sciaire Portable Air Purifier, seems to tick the box, offering a true breath of fresh air for my home.

Taking up little space on my desk, this device is not only portable and USB-powered, making it suitable for small spaces like travel, cars, office desks, and home offices, its 3-in-1 filter protects you by removing 98% of particles like pollen, dust, and other allergens from your environment. The PlasmaShield tech brings fresh country air into your home while filtering bacteria, viruses, and pollutants – keeping you healthy and happy.

DH Lifelabs offers two highly effective lines of air purification products, one that focuses on active air purification and another on dry air purification and active deodorisation. That means they do more than devices with filters alone. Aaira (HOCl Technology) creates a powerful solution from all-natural ingredients (non-iodized salt and water) that is dispersed into the room to eliminate bacteria, mould, and viruses in the air. It also reduces stubborn odours, leaving a fresh and clean scent. Sciaire (PlasmaShield Technology) mimics air ionization found in nature. PlasmaShield emitters create negative and positive ions that are sent into the room to attack and eliminate bacteria and viruses on contact. They are also paired with a filter that removes airborne pollutants and allergens for dual protection.

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