Sciaire Bipolar Air Ionization Technology

Sciaire Pro Ceiling

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HEPA air filter whole house air filter

Coverage Area

Up to 376 ft²

Neutralizes 99.9%

of Bacteria & Viruses


Odours and VOC's

better than a kitchen vent hood - Shop Sharp Plasmacluster Ion True HEPA Air Purifiers


Airborne Pollutants

Filters Air

H13 True HEPA Filter

About the Sciaire Pro Ceiling

Ceiling air purifier with air ionization technology.

8' Mounting Height

For best air purification effectiveness install 3 devices within a 20' x 20' space.

Air Intake

Air is drawn within the internal circulation system, treated with active air ionization and recirculated back into the room continuously.

Reusable Filter

Captures dust. Clean every 6 months or more frequently depending upon environment.

Clean Air Output

Filtered air delivers negative and positive ions into the space for active air purification.

376 ft²

Maximum Coverage


Neutralizes Bacteria & Viruses

Technical Specifications

Product Sheet




Power Consumption

38 Watts

Input Voltage

120-277V, 50/60Hz

Fan Speed

2 Speeds: High Speed & Silent Mode


52 dB

Material & Finish

Metal, matte