Sciaire Bipolar Air Ionization Technology

Sciaire Pro H200/H210 Air Ion Generator

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HEPA air filter whole house air filter

Easy Installation

Powerful Magnets with Option for Screws

filter smells and odors with plasma ions best HEPA air filter

Bipolar Air Ionization

Active Air Purification Technology

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Proactive Deodorization

Remove Unpleasant Odours

Breaks Down VOCs

Ions attach to Volatile Organic Compounds

Sciaire Pro H200/H210

A centralized HVAC carbon fiber brush output ionizer that produces positive and negative ions. This ionization equipment is self-contained in a potted enclosure which has molded flanges with mounting holes.

Active Air Purification

This ionization device is effective in reducing harmful germs, pollutants, and odours with carbon fibre brushes introducing positive and negative ions into system airflow.

Angle of Carbon Brushes

Angled carbon brush emitters maximizes ion production.

Domed Housing

Allows for better aerodynamics across the unit which allows for a higher level of ions to be delivered.


Easy installation and placement.


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