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Aaira Surface Multi-Purpose Cleaning System
Aaira + Humidifier / Cold Evaporation Filter (CEF)
Aaira Mini Air Purifier
Sale price£199.99
Sciaire + HEPA & Aaira + HEPA / H13 True HEPA Filter
Salt Bottle
Salt Bottle
Sale price£8.00
Aaira + HEPA / Cold Evaporation Filter (CEF)
Aaira + HEPA Air Purifier
Sale price£599.99
Removes 99.9% of Bacteria & Viruses.
natural air purifiers and Natural cleaning products

No Harmful Chemicals

Cleaning solutions in
 HOCl and PlasmaShield™.

Natural cleaning products

Thoughtful Design

Our designs are expertly crafted to be stylish additions to any space.

air purifier with hepa filter

Active Protection

Proactively eliminates bacteria, viruses, 
dust, pollen and VOCs.

air purifier reviews

Peace of Mind

Our products are scientifically crafted to provide you measurably cleaner air.

air purifier with hepa filter

Eliminate all the nasties you can't see.

No matter how clean your home looks, microscopic visitors are hiding everywhere. Aaira & Sciaire technologies destroy germs on contact.